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Since 2012 is the head of the Department of Anatomy and Physiology, Faculty of Gymnastics and Sports Psychology UzGIFK.

Candidate of biological sciences, associate professor LD Seydalieva








I. The faculty of anatomy was organized in 1955. In the period with 1956 till 1960 the faculty was managed by the doctor of medical sciences, professor udybrdiyv R.E. Per the first years on faculty worked: the professor F.. mirv, candidates of sciences, senior lecturers: Gulamv .G., Chbtrv N.V., teacher Nazarova .. It was necessary began to creation of an anatomic museum for maintenance of educational process by an evident material.

During 1960 till 1984 the faculty was managed by(with) the candidate of medical sciences, Gulamv .G. Since 1976 on faculty in parallel with passage of a subject of anatomy teaching subjects sportsmetrology and biomechanics was conducted. These years on faculty fruitfully worked the doctor of medical sciences, professor Gniyv B.G., candidates of sciences, senior lecturers: mdv B.., simbkv Z .., teachers: ltunv V.., shripv G.D., snv S..

On faculty the researches devoted to study of influence amplified(strengthened) muscle of activity, onied structure of bodies of digestion in conditions of high temperature were spent.

Since 1985 the faculty is represented by(with) large scientific potential of professor -teaching structure. The candidates of sciences, senior lecturers: arimov N.., Ustinv V.., usnv S.. Now on faculty of anatomy work the professor Sfrv D.D.,  mrkulv .., senior lecturers -  Pultv.D.,  Rsulv V.B., Sydliyv L.D.,  Nurbyv B.Sh., item teachersusyv U.., Svtlichnya N..,  Sidvliv., teachers Sgtv D.., Shripv S.., bidv N.J.

For these years are developed and the textbooks, and also manuals on physiology and anatomy in the Uzbek language are published. The faculty has scientific communications(connections) with many faculties of high schools of the countries of CIS. More than 500 proceedings are published. Many proceedings were submitted and are reported at various international conferences and symposiums: in Poland, Yugoslavia, Mexico, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine.

Since 1990 on faculty of anatomy the researches on a problem " the Constitution and immunogeneticthe status of the sportsman " are spent. Annually on faculty are spentcross-sectionalcomplex researches on revealinganthropometric,dermatoglyphics of parameters, definition of groups of blood , cytochemical

of parameters - celland In cellof parts, immunogenetic of parameters - revealing of frequency of those or other antigenes of system HLA. The types of the constitutions of the sportsmen of various specializations and qualifications are determined, the associative interrelations with HLA are revealed. Total of the surveyed sportsmen has made more than 1500 men, in the age of from 16 till 21 years. The most part of the surveyed sportsmen, have sports qualification " the foreman of sports of the international class ", are the members of modular commands(teams) on struggle, boxing, gymnastics, heavy athletics, easy athletics, football, rowing, navigation.

As a result of the carried out(spent) medikal-biological researches including use of the most complete set of genetic markers, the objective criteria having high value for effective realization of sports selection are developed.       

II. In 1956 the faculty of physiology is created. The first managing faculty in 1956-1960 years was the professor of Ampere-second. Shtlin. In organization of faculty, in -methodical and research job the large contribution have brought the academician Yunusv .Yu., professor zimv I.G., Shtlin Ampere-second., Yarskiy .I., senior lecturers: Qdirv B.V., Rustmv D.R., Sbitv Sh.S., Shpir.L., Yuldshv.Yu.

From the date of creation of a department of problem laboratory at universitete on a scientific direction of faculty have finished a post graduate course rulv N.I., Liviskiy .N., Pultv .., Rsulv .., Rustmv D.R., ursunv.., Yunusv .., Yunusv Yu.. And successfully have protected the candidate dissertations.

With 1960 for 1971 the faculty was managed by(with) the senior lecturer Shpir.L. With 1972 for 1982 the faculty was headed by(with) the professor Yarskiy .I., under the direction of which at faculty the problem laboratory supervising modular commands(teams) on kinds of sports was open where the researches of a functional condition of the sportsmen in conditions of a hot climate were spent and the physiological mechanisms of adaptation to physical loadings were studied.

 With 1966 for 1984 the professor on faculty worked ursunv Z.. Under his(its) management(manual) many teachers of universitete have protected the candidate dissertations. Among them nvlv R.., yuvlli ., Rsulv .., ursunv.., Yunusv ..

With 1973 for 1985 faculty headed the senior lecturer Rustmv D.R., at this time on a post of the senior lecturer were accepted zimv I.G. And urtzy.Yu.

With 1985 for 1996 the faculty was managed by(with) the doctor of medical sciences, professor zimv I.G. On faculty worked the professor  mrkulv.., candidates of sciences, senior lecturers Rustmv D.R., Sbitv Sh.S., Qdirv V.B., Rsulv E.R., shmumdv.I. At this time on faculty the scientific researches on optimization of a condition of health of the workers of the industrial enterprises were spent.

Since 1997 for 2007 the professor mrkulv .. headed faculty. On faculty worked and continue to work the candidates of sciences the senior lecturers: shmumdv.I., Puktv.D., Sydliyv L.D., Sultnv Yu.., Nubyv an item.Sultnv.., item . Svtlichnya N.., teachers: Dlimv D.., N.J.bidv.

Since 1981-2004 years the faculty long years was the organizational centre on realization republican - student's Olympiad on physiology.

During job of faculty by professors-teaching structure is written and 3 textbooks, 1 monography, 50 manuals are published about 400 scientific jobs.

The employees of faculty successfully acted at the international scientific - practical conferences, congresses and seminars which were taking place in India, Russia, in the countries of Central Asia etc.

In 2007 the faculty of anatomy is incorporated with faculty of physiology and managed faculty is the candidate of biological sciences, professorSafarova D.D.

Now manages faculty  assistant professorSydliyv L.D

The faculty supports scientific communications(connections) with research universitete of physiology and biophysics An Uzbekistan with sports - scientific facultyLeypigskogo of university (Germany); with the Russian State University of physical culture, sports and tourism on performance of researches on a theme " nthropogeneticboth immunological of a basis of selection and profilingin sports " (June 5-7 2009-2012 g.); with Urgench by StateUniversity with faculty " of Anatomy of physiology " (2008-2010 g.); withepidemiology Research Universitete, microbiology and infectious diseases R.Uzbekistan (2.01.2008 g).

 The establishment and maintenance of scientific communications(connections) with faculties of physiology of other universitetes in near and distant foreign countries, acquaintance with world(global) experience of preparation of the sportsmen on kinds of sports, expansion of subjects of scientific researches, introduction of new methodical materials in teaching practice of physiological disciplines is planned.

The experts of faculty study a problem of invalid sports and rehabilitations of the invalids with realization of joint researches with foreign centres of science.

In the long term of scientific, training -methodical job - the faculties by the modern scientific equipment for continuation of research of -physiological parameters at the persons engaged in various kinds of sports, and physical activity in conditions of a hot climate, and also research in age aspect are equipped.

Are established close of communication(connection) with Paralympic by committee of Uzbekistan and sports movement " Special Olympics " on job with the people having limited opportunities. In 2008 training at the international seminar for the clinical directors " FUNfitness and Health Athlets ", allowing to spend researches of a condition of physical health of the persons having limited opportunities in Uzbekistan. The job in complex scientific group is spent at the Ministry on culture and sports on various kinds of sports (art gymnastics, basketball, , winter kinds etc.). By results of the carried out(spent) researches are prepared and the candidate dissertations are submitted to protection:

1. Yadgrv .. - theme of the candidate dissertation: " an Individualization of process of preparation athletes - runners in view of biological features them
the body " (13.00.04 - Theory and technique of physical education, sports training, improving and adaptive physical culture) 2011 in was held protection and the job is certificated R.Uzbekistan.

2 Svtlichnya .. - theme of the candidate dissertation: " Dependence impellent fitness of children and teenagers from the ecological factors and of activity ". (13.00.04 theories and technique of physical education, sports training, improving and adaptive physical culture). The job is submitted to protection.

3. usy.. - theme of the candidate dissertation: " Forecasting of a level of development of impellent qualities at the sportsmen specializing in various kinds of sports on a basis dermatoglyphicsof parameters ".

4 bidv.. - theme of the candidate dissertation: "nthropogenetic criterion to selection and profilingof the sportsmen with predisposition to development and display of speedily -power( speedily -force) qualities ".

5. dmby.. - theme of the candidate dissertation: " Physical preparation judokas in view of an improving orientation  the training of process ". (13.00.04 - Theory and technique of physical education, sports training, improving and adaptive physical culture), BULLETIN 5, 2009.

6. Xsnv .. - theme of the candidate dissertation: " Applicationvaleologicheskih of the approaches during physical education of the students with the weakened health ". (13.00.04 theories and technique of physical education, sports training, improving and adaptive physical culture), BULLETIN 4, 2010 .

7. Sagdulaev.. - theme of the candidate dissertation: " ifferentiated physical education of the schoolboys 10-14 years on the basis of complex monitoring of parameters of health ". (13.00.04 theories and technique of physical education, sports training, improving and adaptive physical culture) BULLETIN 2, 2011.

Under the direction of professors -teaching structure it are annually represented to protection masters on urgent problems of sports morphology, sports physiology.


The research work of students.


During the school year , not only with gifted students , but also with the circle members of the department work was carried out in stages. The department created a circle for nauchnymu direction :

1.     "The Anatomist " and " The physiologist " supervisor is senior lecturer.

Sagatov DA


The research work of students.


For each mug approved work plans for the first meeting of the department . Also, students are selected for each circle of 20 people . Session 1 circles held once a month in accordance with the approved plan . With the first-year students to carry out work , how to conduct a search of the scientific literature , make a card file to write the essay on a selected topic. Topics for research papers and research methodology are carried out according to plan. For each meeting minutes are conducted .


Reports of students - members of the group " The psychologist "


The content of planned number of work time Responsible Deadline

1 Cardio - respiratory performance of different qualifications in football . September students, September 30, 2015

2 Effect of radiation on the human body . October, Students October 21, 2015

3 Zhinsy etilishning fiziologik students asoslari November, November 25, 2015

4 Physiological basis of fatigue during muscular activity . December students of December 16, 2015

5 The effect of doping agents in the physiological parameters of athletes . December students of December 23, 2015

6 Con sistemasining fiziologiyasi . Students February ,February 17, 2016

7 The physiological basis of memory. Students March ,March 24, 2016

8 Physiological sleep foundation. April students, April 21, 2016

9 The theory of longevity . May students ,May 19, 2016



Reports of students - members of the group "The anatomist"


The content of planned number of work time Responsible Deadline

1 Anatomy fanining Tarija, Fang Doira kizikarli malumotlar "September, student of September 26, 2015

2 Anatomy fanining Tarija, Fang Doira kizikarli malumotlar "October student, October 31, 2015

3 "Soғlom hayot kechirish z қlimizda" student November, November 28, 2015

4 "Nosoғlom Turmush Tarzi muammolari (OITS, giҳvandlik, alcoholism Islands Chekish oқibatlari)" student in December, December 19, 2015

5 "The role of nutrition for athletes," a student in December, December 30, 2015

6 " Yassi oқlik va uning asoratlari " student in February, February 27, 2016

7 " Hereditary factors affecting the health of " student in March, March 27, 2016

8 " Hereditary factors affecting health ," a student in April, April 24, 2016

9 "Modern approaches to inter pritatsii recovery problems" May the student, May 19, 2016


 Dilbar Djamalovich Safarova of the Tashkent State Pedagogical Universitete in 1969 graduated with honors from the Faculty of Biology. In 1969, the Tashkent State Medical Universitete in postgraduate study. In 1972 Vozrastnye osobennosti dvenadtsatiperstnoy aspects vozrastnom successfully defended his thesis on the topic. 10 years at the Tashkent State Universitete of Medicine came to the post of assistant at the Department of Histology and Embryology. In 1981, the Uzbek State Universitete of Physical Culture "Anatomy and Biomechanics" Since 1985, he worked as a senior lecturer at the Department of the department until 2012.

D.Safarova of the first " Anatomy and Biomechanics " the department " Valeologiya " science learning process . Work programs of higher educational universitetions of the country and develop the curriculum . The department ' status by the Constitution and the athlete immunogenetik ' as the subject of scientific directions , sports competitions athletes on the basis of the level of physical development of genetic markers recommended for use in the diagnosis matter of account for the first time .D.Safarova 150 scientific and methodical works, an experienced teacher. "Practicum on the subject of Anatomy" (training manuals), "Practicum Anatomy and morphology of sport" (manual), "Human Anatomy" books 1 and 2 of the roofs, "Practicum morphology of Sport" (textbook), "Anatomy Sportivnaya morphology" "Practicum PO sportivnoy morfologii" Practicum on textbooks and lectures not only in the state Universitete of physical Culture, but also in other faculties of physical education universitetes of higher learning is widely used in the educational process. By 2009 , the D.Safarova the invitation of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the " talents " Fund managers of higher education universitetions in the presence of a " healthy lifestyle and physical culture " lectures on the subject . His 18 scientific articles published in foreign countries and the Commonwealth of Independent States .

D.Safarova constantly work to improve their skills . Initiative , fair , loving and caring colleagues.


Pulatova Mavlyuda djalalova was born in 1949 in Tashkent. In 1972 ToshDU (UzNU) graduated from the faculty of biology. 1973-76 in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), i.p. Pavlov Universitete of Physiology named after aspirant.M.D.Pulatova 1976 "Afferentnaya aktivnost nervnyx putyax jeludka Prix teplovom vozdeystvii no ego Stenkim" He defended his PhD thesis. Since 1976 until 1980 research assistant at the Universitete of Physiology of the Academy of Sciences for the scientific degree of candidate of biological sciences 1980-1985yilarda 01.00.13 digital (human and animal physiology), secretary of the specialized scientific council, and in 1998 he worked as a senior research fellow. Since 1999, the State Universitete of Physical Culture " Physiology " department , 1999-2002 " Sports games " faculty " and Spirituality " on 2002 and is currently Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs Deputy buiycha . The years 2002-2007 Espen Commission , seminars , scientific and methodological council on " a member of the scientific council of the faculty .  M.D. Pulatova more than 120 published works ylmii the country and abroad (the Czech Republic, Australia, Italy, Finland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Russia and other countries) participated in conferences with their reports. "Age Physiology" (2012), "Physiology of Sport" (2012) guidelines for laboratory classes in Latin alphabet qullanmallar published, and "Psixogenetika" (2013) Operations prof.Safarova D.J. xammualifligida guidelines published etgan.Xozirgi prof.Safarova D.J. xammuallifligida subjects Physiology of Sport qullanma submitted for publication written in the Latin alphabet.

Pulatova Mavlyuda djalalova II - III year students of " General physiology and sports " masters " Sport trenirovkasining physiological bases " on the science lectures , practical and laboratory work , as well as the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the training center , " Physiology of Sport " Over the next sporting curricula of public lectures and practical classes in Russian language and reading have been planted .

M.D.Pulatovaning scientific interests in this issue of women's sports activities, including "Sport and published physiological motivated." Sphere of physical culture and sports M.D.Pulatova a major contribution to the preparation of scientific and pedagogical personnel qushdi.Faoliyat 8-thesis magistorlik during tayyorladi.Kup M.D.Pulatova on state educational standards of responsible educational work on "the physiology and the physiology of sport", has developed a model program, and each new worker training programs and questionnaires for assessing the knowledge of chiqadi.Talabalarni preparation.

And to conduct educational work among the women on the M.D.Pulatova talks on the problems of women 's sports and racially tuxtaladi.Berilgan harmful habit anymore and perform tasks during M.D.Pulatova , students , and colleagues appeared , and they have the respect and attention . He is a humble , hardworking , oilaparvar , honest , faithful to their profession and conviction .


  Rasulova Vasila Botirovna was born in 1969 in the Uzbek. In 1991, the Tashkent State University, graduated with honors from the Faculty of Biology. During the years 1991-1992 State University, and worked as a biology laboratory. 1992-1997 - State University, read the full-time post-graduate department of the faculty of biology. During the years 1997-2002 the Tashkent State University, faculty of biology, "Human and animal physiology" The position of department, during the years 2002-2004, the department has worked as asistent. O'zRFAsi on April 14, 2004 at the Scientific Research Universitete of Biochemistry Unfortunately Aktivnost lipoliticheskix enzymes Refresh lipid membrane mitoxondriy Pecheur krys dynamics of the work of the scientific giperglikemii "Biochemistry 03.00.04" specialty. During the years 2004-2005 ToshDavTI, he worked as the Department of Anatomy and OJTA asistent. In the years 2005-2007 TTAsi senior lecturer at the Department of Biological Chemistry and Bioorganic efforts. From 2007 to 2009 years TTAsi "Bio-organic and biological chemistry," worked as a professor of the department. From 2009 until 2010 he worked as Deputy Director of College of Medicine Zagiota spirituality.

University since September 2010. " Anatomy and Physiology " to accept the position of assistant professor in the department . Today V.B.Rasulova chair . Universitetions such as the students of the Phase 1 and 4 on the basis of scientific and practical work experience during an impressive resume , " Anatomy " and " Valeologiya " subjects . Universitetes , faculties and scientific , cultural and educational , and is actively involved in organizational work .

V.B.Rasulovaning research results of 26 scientific articles, abstracts, training, training manuals are published. In recent years, it has taken a number of methodological direction. In particular, the subjects of "technological map" and "Educational complex" actively participated in the event. The Universitete is actively involved in the work of ma'rif, "21th Anniversary of the Constitution," which focused on the activities of many high schools, vocational colleges, "healthy lifestyle" propaganda reports. He is actively involved in public affairs department. Carry out its assigned tasks in a timely manner at the required level.

In a word , V.B.Rasulova as a scientist and educator , and the expectations around him , he was on continuous research , deserve the respect of his colleagues and students .

  Nurbaev htior Shirinov born in the district of Samarkand region Kushrabot. 1980 -1985 years, graduated from the Veterinary Faculty of Samarkand agricultural universitete. 1985-1988 Kushrabot district veterinary department and the district chief viet. worked as deputy physician. 1988 - 1996 years in the Department of Physiology at the Universitete intern and worked as assistant to the doctor. B. Nurbaev 1995 - "Silk Kurt waste must be of age hairy breed goats food digestion one has its own characteristics," based on the theme "Human and animals physiology" 03.00.13. passcode protected the master's thesis on. Speciality disposal of the department specialties . Nurbaev B. Sh O'zDJTI September 2008 , the Department of Anatomy and fizilogiya . General has been working for 28 years , with more than 20 years of pedagogical activity is considered . More than 25 scientific works in many trials , published scientific works of the last 7 years . 1 recommendation methods to use . Nurbaev B.Sh. 2009 under the Technical University Higher Engineering Universitete of teachers on class technology and pedagogical skills . 2012 - 2013 educational year , its acting professor is applied to the position . " Adaptation - kak fiziologicheskaya Osnova sportivnoy trenirovki " scientific activities , and participated in international scientific conferences .  Nurbaev B.Sh. , General Physiology , Physiology of Sport , Youth and physiology lectures and practical training to the students in the fields of Training classes . He is actively involved in the educational process , according to the physiology of modern achievements of science students, and they have a great interest nasty. Nurbaev B. City departments and universitetions of all public works, agricultural and educational work conscientious and responsible approach and actively participating in the process. Student places they met with a variety of interviews. From his humble tasks during their performance and to comply with labor discipline, hard work through the attributes between the department and the faculty and students of the Universitete respect.

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