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Theiry and methodics of box, fencing and taekvondo

Date: 30-06-2014, 20:49       Views: 1557

 Rajabov G'ulomjon Qurbonboyevich

Head of the chair of "Theiry and methodics of box,fencing and taekvondo"

Since 02/09/2017.




History of the chair

The chair of box and fencing was foub\nded as independent chair  in 1966 and was headed by Yu.Sirotkin. Next years the chair was headed by honored trainer of Uzbekistan P.A Abdurazoqov, Phd on pedagogics and assisting professor  Sh.N.Zokirov(1970-1980), M.I.Siddiqov (1981-1992), R.D.Holmuhammedov  (1992-2005), senior teacher N.A.Fetisova (2005-2010), G.B.Abdurasulova (2011-2019) and present days is headed by G.Q.Rajabov.

Graduates and teachers of the chair with Phd Pedagogics and degree of assisting professor: SH.A.Abdullayev, G.B.Abdurasulov, V.Alekseenka, Sh.N.Zokirov, Z.T.Qosimbekov, A.Rafikoa, I.Sadriddinov, M.I.Siddiqov, F.K.Tudiev, R.D.Xolmuhamedov, V.N.Shin, F.T Abdullayev and teachers who worked at the chair previons years A Qodirov, R.A Maksumov, X.I Muhammedov, B.N Nazarov, T.Polatov, I.YU.Shansematov, A.S.Shelyagen, V.N.Shin(box), K.A Tojiyeva, O.A Zaburnyagin, L.I.Yefremova, P.A Kutelnas, V.Mihaylov, E.N.Sokolova, N.A Fetisova, D.V Yoldashev, T. Alimov(fencing) R.M.Sultanbekov, professor Bek Mun JON, I.N. Dergach, Sh.N Nuriddinova (taekvondo WTF) and continous working nowedays.

In 2008 speciality "Taekwondo WTF" was added to chair and the name of the chair changet to "Theory and methodics of Box, fencing and taekwondo". Nowedays at the chair teachers and of books, textbooks, manuals on their specialities. Teachers of the chairs activelly participate in social work too. They popularize in districts hostels and another places the laws of uzbek parliament and the resolutions of the president.Professors and teachers of the chair work with groups as tutars and always participate with their groups at spiritual-culture, social, sport events. Teachers and professors of the chair usually participate, in international Republic and national scientific-practical seminars.


Teachers and Professors of the chair

Sport specialist of international degree honored sportesmen of Uzbekistan, honored trainer of Uzbekistan main trainer of the uzbek unitet team for long years , Phd on pedagogics professor Vladimir Nikolayevich Shin worked atb our chair. Great specialists in sphere of sport and physical education work at our chair. Among them are: Phd pedagogics professor Holmuhomedov Rustam Dehqonovich vise president of the Uzbek national Olympic cometee Phd on pedagogics assisting professor Turdiyev Farhod Karimovich, honored trainer of Uzbekistan Ergashev Murod Yarkulovich, Professor of the Tanguk Univercity of the South Korean Republic Bek Mun Jon. Teachers of the chair activelly participate at intenational seminars.


Teachers and professors of the chair

  1. Xalmuhamedov R.D professor of the chair Phd on pedagogics bor n in 1957
  2. Abdurasulova G B assisting professor Phd on pedagogics head of chair born in 1956
  3. Turdiyev F K assisting professor Phd on pedagogics born in 1969
  4. Ergashev  N.Ya honored trainer of Uzbekistan high qualitied trainer,born in 1967
  5. Yuldashev F,K  assisting professor Phd on pedagogics born in 1968
  6. Fetisova N.A senior teachers born in 1960
  7. Rajabov G.Q  senior teachers born in 1979
  8. Tajibayev S.S teacher born in 1986
  9. Umarov Q.A teacher born in 1976
  10. Qalandarov SH.D teacher born in 1980
  11. Nuriddinov SH.N teacher born in 1985
  12. Abduhamedov R.N. teacher born  in 1987
  13. Sulaymonov J.J teacher born in 1986
  14. Serebrekov Yu.V teacher born in 1986
  15. Karimov Sh .Q teacher born in 1989


Negotiations on the chair

Accoding to Uzbek Republic law  on education and national programme on preparation of professionals and execution  of demands of high and secodry special education’s length and  continuation development of scientific investigations and preparation  of scientific  pedagogic professionals.Also calling all educators (bachelor and masters)to execution of  scientific  investigations.'

Preparation of high qualified  professionals  on the base of useful integration  of the  subject and education.

In this sphere our chair is negotiating  with  following Institutions and high and  secondary special educational departments of UzbekRepublic's subjects Academy:

Uzbek Republic subject Academy

Uzbek Republic box federation

Uzbek Republic Taekwondo WTF  asosiation

Uzbek Republic fencing federation

Uzbek fundation on development of box secondary special educational departments Republic Olympian reserves college.

Chirchiq  Olympian reserves college

8th sport school children and juvenels olympian reserves.

At the chair are done seminars, advisory works on Phd dissertations, preparations of rewievs, scientific articles, monographies, books, educational methodics.


International  negotiations

Chair negotiate with taekwondo chair of the South Korean Tanguk university , box chair of sport and tourizm akademy of Qozog’iston, box and fencing chair of the Physical education, sport and tourism university of Russian federation. On the base of grant in 2011 4 students  (12 months) in 2013 32 students (12 months) in 2013 2 students developed their qualification.


Success in the subject

Professor–teachers of the chair R.D.Zolmuhammedov and S.S.Tojiboev participated in contest "Auther of the best educational book on literature2012" organized by "Istedod" fundation of the Uzbek Republic’s president with their eucational textbook "development of sport gedagogical skills of the boxers" an took honored paticipants sertificate. Chair negotiate with  subjects academy work on development  and programming of “spuderg-4”is going on P.D.Xolmuhammedov and S.S.Tojiev got right to the programme "Investigation of special physical prepairedness of hih qualified boxers" by Intelectual treasure agency of Uzbek Republic. About 50 graduation works more than 20 masters dissertations and 7 candidacy dissertations were defened under the advisory of Phd  on pedagogics professors R.D.Xolmuhammedov. In the years of the chair prepared following educational literatures, for students, trainers, re-educators, student of physical training facuties of  pedagogical educational Institution.

"Kniga trenera po fehtovaniyu" educational book G.B.Abdurasulova, 1991. "Individual darsda trener mahoratining asoslari" monografiya A.N.Abdiey 2000. "Boks trenerovkasining individual dars olib borish jarayonidagi maxsus malakalarini  shakllantirish" Methodic advisory F.K.Turdiyev,2005. "Istoriya razvitiya  fextovaniya v Uzbekistane" educational book, N.A.Fetisova,2006. "Fextovaniya" educational work G.B.Abburasulova, N.A. Fetisova 2007, "Box" educational  work  R.D.Xolmuhammedov 2008. "Yosh sportchilarni tayyorlash" (box, kikboxing, muaitai) educational work Z.T.Qosimbekov, 2008. "Texnologiya planirovaniye podgotovki boksyorov" educational work 2010. "Bokschilarnining sport pedagogik mahoratini oshirish" educational work M.A.Karimov. R.D.Xolmuhammedov, I.Yu.Shamsimatov, S.S.Tojibaev, 2011. "Qilichbozlik nazariyasi va uslubiyati" 1-2 parts. N.A.Fetisova 2011. "Yosh bokschilarni tayyorlash asoslari" educational methodics work A.M.Achilov, R.D.Xolmuhammedov, S.S.Tojibaev, V.N.Shin, G.Q.Rajabov 2012. "Milliy-harakatli o'yinlar yosh sportchilarning jismoniy sifatlarini rivojlantirish vositasi sifatida" methodic advisory, S.S.Tajibaev, 2012.


From life of masters

There is 5A610501 – sport activity  specialization at the base of the chair and 8 masters study there ,nowedays .Among masters there is prizer of world championship in Italy among the  uniors sport specialist Xadyatullaev Ziyodulla. At  his spare  time he teach young boxers the secrets of box.


From students life

Students and masters of the Institute participate in different Institutional ,national  scientific seminars  and  different spiritual  cultural events. Graduates with bachelor degree work at profession directed colleges based on high and secondar y special education. Graduates with masters degree work at institutions and make their investigations. Independence years graduates ganed a lot of successes for example: A.Grigoryan 17 time world champion among professionals, K.Tulyaganov 26th olympiades prizer. R.Saidov prizer of 27th olympiade, G'oyibnazarov 30th olympiades participant, and  prizer of the 2013 Universiade in Kazan (Russia), B.Xidirov prizer of Asia championship, International master of sport taekwondo E.Karimova "Shuhrat" medals owner. I.Bashirov, R.Kudaey, B.Ibragimov are pizers of Asia championship(fencing)(team).

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