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Informational Technologies chair

Date: 30-06-2014, 20:37       Views: 2922

Head of the chair: Bobur Rasulovich Vafoev

E-mail: informatika@uzdjti.uz 

At first in 1985 at the base of Universitete there was founded chair of "sport metrology,biomechanics and investigation means" the first head of chair was phd on physics and mathematics assisting professor  B.N.Radostin.At the chair there were following  subjects sport metrology, investigation means, compyuter technics, biomechanics. Next years heads of chair were phd on pedagogics, assisting professor Isakulov E.I (1990-1992) phd on pedagogics assisting professor Kasimbekov Z.T. (1995-1999) Phd on biologics assisting professor Safarov D.D (2000-2002) Phd on assisting professor Akramov J.A. (1999-2000) Phd on phsics an mathematics assisting professor Xogjayev M.S. (2006-2008) Phd on pedagogics assisting professor Umarov D.X. (2008-2010).

Nowadays the head of chair is Phd on  pedagogics Musaev B.B since 2002 chairs named as "sport metrology, biomechanics and anatomy", "Informational technologies" in 1990  founded  speciality "sport sybernethics" prepaired more than 50 specialsts  nowadays succesfully work in republic and abroad. Today such subjects are tought at our chair: "Informational technologies", "Biomechanics", "sport building", "sport metrology", "mathematic–statistic investigation of sport  results", "Information systems".

Members of our chair  prepaired 12 books 90 methodic text books ,also more than 500 scientific articles and thethyses.

Chair equiped by modern computer technologies and  student can  enlarge   their knowledge with the help of them.For good educational process is made few computer  programmes planned the execution  of electron books and manuals.Chair makes new sphere of information transit without paper.Work is done about execution  of  wireless  technologies and their use in  educational process.New tests are done to check knowledge  of students and  educational  methodic programms are done as an element of distance education for the last 25 years  following professor teachers have been working at the chair:

Allamuratov SH.I, Sulaymonov S.S, Yoldasheva M.N, Axmedov B.A, Kanakova. L.P, Faktorovich L.M, Xasanova L.N, Nurmuhamedova A.M, Akbarov A, Xodjaev M.S, Tangabaev A.A, Umarov D.X, Sobirov Z, Saidov R, Giyosava F, Musaev B.B, Nishonova SH.M, Tolametov A.A, Xasanova S.A, Ibragimova S.B, Chastoedova A.Yu, Gerasikov A.N, Adasheva M.U, Askarova A.R, Gerasikov E.N, Nazirov T.Z, Mahammadiev D.F, Kazakov R.T, Jumanova S.G, Aliev N, Haydarov N.R, Axmedova I.N, Tursnov U, Payazov M, Mamadaliev K.

Open lessons "Investigation of human bodies general weight by analytic method" (assisting professor Tolametov A.A).

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