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Phylosophy chair

Date: 30-06-2014, 20:32       Views: 2953

In our country the main attention  was always payed to development of outlook and intelegence of the specialists while education process. Also to their social and humanitarian prepairedness that's why 1956 was founded  the chair of phylosophy.

Previous years depending on social factors and tought subjects the name of the chair has changed several times.The present name of  the chair is on since 1994 september. First head of the chair was Phd on economics assisting professor V.P.Xolturina from 1970. Till 1990 following assisting professors were heads of the chair: M.A.Aminova, A.Yu Ziyamuhammedov, K.P.Irisboev, S.V.Shapalova, SH.U.Yaxyaev, teachers: A.S.Dinershteyn, E.I.Dolkart, M.B.Karimov, O.N.Staradubova, A.J.Sultonova, I.N.Usmonov, E.Yu.Eshmatova and also assisting professors and Phd's on phylosophy worked as the head of chair: E.M.Mavloniy, E.K.Shaternikov, A.M.Jalolov, X.M.Xasanova. Nowadays the head of chair is Phd on phylosophy the head of chair is aphd on phylosophy assisting professor Nazarov Nurali Normirzaevich.

Nazarov Nurali Normirzaevich. Head of chair born in 1968 on 17th une in Kashkadarya region Shahrisabz district.

In 1992-1999 was the head of farm “Yangi hayot”in Shahrisabz  district of Kashkadarya region.In 1999-2002 worked in scientific organization of Uzbekistan’s phylosophers in 2002-2007 senior teacher of  phylosophy chair of the PhCI,since 2007 head of chair in 2008 defended Phd on phylosophy.Wrote more than 40 scientific-methodical works and 1 monography.


Professor–teachers of the chair:

  • Nazarov N.N Phdon Ph. assisting professor head of chair.
  • Boyturayev T. Phdon Ph. assisting professor.
  • Xudayberganev R. Phdon Ph. assisting professor.
  • Umurzaqov R.soci.Phd.
  • Turgunov T.senior teacher
  • Ravshanov I. senior teacher
  •  Yusupova N. senior teacher
  • Ochilov O. senior teacher
  • Shopulatov A. senior teacher
  • Xushvaqtov Z. teacher
  • Valijonova M. teacher
  • Ibragimov I. teacher
  • Tilaboyev F.teacher


Subjects tought on the chair

Today at the bachelor degree is tought "Phlosophy", "Bases  of spirituality, Knowledge of religion", "Culturology", "Sociology", "National idea, base mean and factors", on masters degree: "National idea: social-economical development strategy pf Uzbekistan", "Methodology of scientific Investigation".

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