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Theory and methodology of national and International winds of wrestling

Date: 30-06-2014, 20:08       Views: 1531

Head of chair: Mirzanov Sherzod Sirlibayevich



History of the chair

As Independent chair,chair of theory and methodology of national and international kinds of wrestling began work in 1964 and first head of chair was K.N.Rudchenko (1964-1965). Then Uzbekistans honored trainer ,honored physical education and sport specialist assisting professor E.B.Koltunov(1971-1978), Phd on biology and assisting professor Sh.N.Qodirov(1978-1989) were heads of this chair. From1989 to 2005 the head of chair was Phd on pedagogics and professor F.A.Kerimov from 2005 o 2009 N.A Tastanov was head of chair from2009 to 2014 january head of chair was Phd on pedagogics assisting professor Z.A.Bakieva and Nowadays Nurjan Abdiqulovich Tastanov  is the head of the chair Teachers and graduates of the chair with Phd and assisting professor degree are: Abdusattorov.A.A, Istomin A.A, Mirzaqulov SH.A., Roziev A.A, Saidov A.A, Toymurodov O.A, Usmonxo'jaev T.S, Shokirjonov A.Sh, Elov A.N teachers of the chair work on preparation of books,text books and manuals.Teachers and professors of the chair actively participate in social work.Also the populazize and agitate laws of the parliament, resolutions of the prezident in districts, hostels and other places.

Teachers of the chair always participate in different scientific seminars.


Prides of the chair

International category sport specialist, Uzbekistan’s honored master of sport, Uzbekistan’s honored trainer ,Phd on pedagogics professor worked at our chair. High qualified specialists of physical educaton and sport work ai our chair such as Phd on pedagogics professor Usmonxodjaev T.S., Kerimov F.A. ou teacher actively participate international scientific seminars.


Stuff of the chair

  1. Tastanov N.A head of chair assisting pofessor born in 1970 on 3rd of july in Tashkent region.
  2. Usmonxo’jaev T.S professor Phd on pedagogics born in 1932 on 18th  of september in Tashkent city.
  3. Ilov A.N. assisting pofessor born in 1948 on 15th  of january in Samarqand region.
  4. Mirzaqulov SH.A senior teacher born in1962 on 24th of february .
  5. Boyturayev E.I senior teacher born in1965 on 18th of february.
  6. Bakieva Z.A. assisting pofessor Phd on pedagogics born in 1982 on 15th of december.
  7. Karimov U.R teacher born in 1971.
  8. Radjapov M.A teacher born in 1973 on 31st of june.
  9. Arslanov Sh.A assisting professor born in 1974 on 23rd may.
  10. Mirzanov.SH.S senior teacher born in 1979 26th of february.
  11. Agzamov A.A teacher born in 1981 on 11th of january.
  12. Abdullayev SH.A senior teacher born in 1982 on 8th of december.
  13. Tursunov SH.S teacher born in 1983 on 11th of july.
  14. Raxmatov D.Q born in 1983 on 11th of august.
  15. Xolmatov A.I senior teacher born in 1983 on 16th of october.
  16. Artiqov Z.S teacher born in 1984 on 1st of january.
  17. Qirgizbayev M.M teacher born in 1984 on 24st of november.
  18. Saliyev A.O teacher born in 1985 on 15th of may.
  19. Shakirjanov T.A teacher born in 1988 on 8th of march.
  20. Atajanov S.F teacher born in 1988 on 11th on march.
  21. Abduvahobov A.A teacher born in 1988 on 10th of november.
  22. Ishmuhamedov T.R teacher born in 1989 on 31st of march.

Relations of the chair

According to Uzbek Republic law on education and national programmse on preparation of professionals and execution of demand of high and secondary spesial educations length and continuation  development of scientific investigations and preparation  of scientific Pedagogic professionals Also calling all educators (bachelors and masters)to execution of scientific Investigations Preparation of high qualified  professionals on the base of useful integration of the subject and education. In this sphere our chair is negotiating with following Universitetions and high and secondary special educational departments of Uzbek Republic’s subject academy.

  • Uzbekistan's subject academy
  • Uzbek international wresling federation
  • Uzbek international sport wresling kinds asosiation
  • Secondary special educational departments
  • Olympian Reserves college of Republic 
  • Olympian Reserves college of Chirchiq 

At the chair  are done seminars  advisory works on Phd dissertations preparation of rewiens, scientific articles monographs, books, educational methodics.


From master's life

There is 5a610501 sport activities  speciality at the base of chair and is master students study on it.Among them study Prizer of Olympiade and  world championships Master of sport Ixtiyorov Navruz in his spare time he teaches the secrets of wrestling to young students.


From students life

Students and masters of the universitete participate in different  Universitetional  national ,scientific seminars and different spiritual cultural events ciraduates with bachelar degree work at profession directed coleges based on high and secondary special education.

Graduates with master degree  work at universitetions and make  their investigations .Independence years graduates ganed a lotof successes for example:world  champion SH.Mirzayev,Z.Artiqov,Y.Shakirjonov participants of  the Olympiade E.Xafizov,Shekirova.M, Djurayev Z,I.Navruzova ,Sh Abdullayev prizer of world universiadae in Kazan in 2013 .Z.S.Artikov ,N.Q.Ibrohimjonov, prizer of Asian  championship Ismailov Z.V.

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