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Marketing department

Date: 22-05-2014, 22:43       Views: 3440

Hudoyberdiev Jahongir Bahodirovich

Date of birth: 04.03.1988

Place of birth: Samarkand region, Kushrabat district

Nationality: uzbek

Education: higher

Graduation: 2012 y.   Kamoliddin Behzod National Universitete of Arts and Design

Specialty of education: management


Duties of marketing service inspectors

Head of department:

To create new education directions and specialties according to development prospective of economic and social spheres of places (viloyats) of the republic. In addition, to analyze and present the documentation on finishing the educational specialties which do not respond to the modern economic demands of the time.

To form the “bag of order” of state grant and payment contract according the offers on existing educational directions and professions of organizations in order to investigate the results of entrance exam.

To organize the commission of divide of the graduates of the university, to generalize and organize the private divide document of the graduate by the results of formation and final divide plans according to real demands on professionals by the organizations. To create the information bank on execution of new entrance of the new education year (plan on state grant and payment contract, documents, contests, number of excepted students, their courses and educational directions, divide on specialties, and education languages).   To develop the professional skills of bachelors and master degree students, and to communicate with special departments of the universitete on the problem of graduates divide (different scientific symposiums scientific educational methodical departments, faculties and chairs). To analyze the benefits of all work done by them and participate in marking, to correspond the affairs of special departments in execution of marketing policy. The duties of monitoring inspectors and regulation of contracts with students on payment contract education. To regulate contracts on professional training with physical person and organizations. To count the difference of payments on education by students studying at the contract (according to documents). To execute in time payment of contract (connecting the deans). To participate in project preparing, using programs, international stores, and working with marketing affairs. To prepare information on students studying on contract (by plan and with stuff departments help).


Duties of inspectors working with youth

Execution and monitoring of the duties in dividing graduates to organizations according to the law of the president of Uzbek republic pq # 92 in 2nd June of 2005 about acceptance of the students to the higher educational universitetions in 2005 – 2006 education year on three years of compulsory work of grant students.  To form information bank on demand of the organizations for high-qualified professionals prepared at the universitete with faculties chairs and administration. To learn labor market conjunctures, to form the offer for entrance results according to consumers real demand on graduates, to present in time all documents on formation of information base about dividing the graduates to work places to higher and secondary education ministry (in connection with administration). To make contracts on 3 years work in organizations and educational universitetions for the bachelor and master students studied on grant (in one month) according to graduates desires. To help in supplement of the professionals graduates of the grant with work in time in order to use them in economic sphere of the republic (with administration). To look through and find solution of the problem of execution of the documentation of students on contract execution and conditions of labor at the places they are sent with pro rector. To give more information on new places of work to graduates and to organize new labor markets. To prepare the information about occupation of previous years students.

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