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Scientific and scientific pedagogical professionals training department

Date: 22-05-2014, 22:38       Views: 1768

The head of Scientific and scientific – pedagogical professionals training department

Shopulatov Abdimalik Nurullaevich.

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Department of scientific and scientific pedagogical professionals training is independent department in the system of universitete. This department is governed by the head of the department and obeys to the rector of the universitete and pro rector on scientific affairs also senior scientific stuff investigators are connected with this department. Department of scientific and scientific pedagogical professionals training is governed under the rules of UZSIPhC Uzbek state higher and secondary special education ministry, Uzbek state ministry of culture and sport, also under the offers and orders of subjects and technologies center below adopting court on scientific – technical development of the Uzbek republic cabinet of ministers and also law of Uzbek republics national program on professionals training and about education.


Duties of scientific department

To create and adopt all necessary conditions in the sphere of sport and physical education for the useful use and development of technical skills, educational methodic and scientific skills of professors and teachers of the universitete.

To work out the tactics and strategy and renew the theoretical and methodic means on qualified action of the physical education and sport system.

To investigate and find out the laws of physical education and sport system as humanitarian process in the humanitarian modern economic situation according to general human sacramental, means of national pedagogics, spiritual behavioral rules, historical and natural cultural specifics.

Activation of scientific investigations in the sphere of education and preparation of the scientific professionals. To create the fundamental scientific investigations and look after their useful execution.

To develop the quality of professionals benefits of scientific investigations and scientific strength by involving senior scientific stuff investigators, masters and students on the base of Universitete scientific investigations.

To develop sport in the sphere of science and education, commercialize the science, to make rival conditions and to develop the scientific services on payment system.

To form independent system on support with different additional and scientific encyclopedia literature, to develop the base of scientific publishing to form the mechanism of supplement by other resources and technical materials, the scientific investigations.

To develop and widen the communications with different international scientific organizations.

To develop the system of teacher – student in preparation of sportsmen and young investigators by professors and teachers.


Rights of the scientific department

The rights of the department of scientific and scientific pedagogical professionals training are executed by the head of department or another member of department with the order of the head of department.

Head of the department can work in state and social affairs as representative of universitete scientific work in his own sphere.

Department gives suggestions in problems of planning of scientific investigation works to independent executors, departments and chairs.

Demands the reports on scientific and scientific investigational works from departments and chairs and gathers information on affairs of scientific investigations and their execution and execution of universitete affairs.

Monitors the departments and chairs on the affairs connected with the work of department.

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