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Stuff department

Date: 22-05-2014, 22:34       Views: 3201

Head of department Sobirova Gulchehra Rashidovna

E-mail: xodim@uzdjti.uz

Stuff department is the part of universitete and works by the laws of the universitete, according to orders and offers of the universitete, Uzbek republics higher and secondary education ministry, ministry of culture and sport of the republic of Uzbekistan. It organizes the process of the selection of the professor and teachers stuff according to demands, professionalism leaning on law of ministers cabinet on upbringing of the youth and young generation, presidents orders, national program on professionals training and the laws of Uzbek republic


Duties of the stuff department

To accept and discharge, change positions to identify the dates of attestation on positions and monitoring of all these processes.

To monitor stuff and the students not to break the laws of the education, inner laws of universitete and the laws of Uzbek republic, also to stimulate by material help and to make offers on punishments. 

To adopt the schedule of the stuff with material planning department. To communicate with upper instances on the problem of professionals. Negotiation with bachelors and masters in order to keep them at the universitete. To monitor the execution of official documents and carts of teachers, students and other stuff. To give references and private documentation of teachers and other stuff in time and prolong their time of work. To monitor the fulfilment of the graduation diplomas and attachments. Execution and count of the number of labor books. To count the number of people in military service age. To prepare documents of pension age people and to give to social services. To make statistics of all kinds of teachers by their category. To inform the district social services about work place. To monitor the writing of the agreements in two copies. To monitor the execution of documentation on vacation on service of the stuff abroad.

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