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Uzbek State Institute of physical culture

Date: 7-04-2014, 00:31       Views: 4072

During the time of its existence our institute prepared about 28 000 highly specialized professionals. Except sportsmen, our institute prepares other different specialists for the different spheres of life. Most of the graduates of our institute are teachers, trainers, managers, who work in the sphere of health defense and healthy upbringing of the youth. Since the first days of independence innovations of the government, our institute developed functionally and usefully in all spheres.

It is not secret that the aim of our republic is to build great future of Uzbekistan with the help of whole nation. All specialists of our institute realize that aim and try to gather in one big team to get real the idea of national independence and idea of great future, in this sphere specialist of our institute try to be models for our young generation.  For the last years in our institute was organized specialized scientific court for bachelors, masters and doctors degrees which usefully work in scientific sphere. Our institute is the only institution in sport sphere in Uzbekistan, which makes books, textbooks, programs and other documentation for physical education faculties of different high educational institutions of our republic.  Highly educated professors and teachers organize educational process with the help of high technologies and internet while distance education too. If previous years at our institute were only 4 teachers with scientific degree from 27 teachers at the chair, nowadays institute consists of 5 faculties and 18 chairs where 328 teachers work also 18 doctors of science and professors, 92 docents and assisting professors and 12 honored trainers of the republic of Uzbekistan. Students of this institute participate in political-humanitarian, cultural-spiritual, enlightening and prosperities at the level of institute, districts and republic. Most of our students are masters of sports, international level masters and merited masters of sports. Most of them are members of united team of republic and they defend the honor of republic at Asian, world contests and Olympiad and develop Uzbek sports level. Present days whole buildings, rooms, sport grounds and sport tools are organized well and developing day by day practically and technically. All positive changes at the institute inspire the stuff to prepare highly organized and well taught specialists in sport sphere.

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