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Inner monitoring and observation department

Date: 7-04-2014, 00:26       Views: 1397

Head of department: Rasulov Zokir Pardaevich

Telephone: (0370) 717-17-79


Main duties of Inner monitoring and observation department

To monitor, analyze and work out in time the execution of duties written in the national program on preparation of professionals, decrees of the president of republic of Uzbekistan connected to educational process, decisions of ministries about education and all methodological documents of high and secondary education. Preparation and improvement of experience of the professionals in scientific-investigational, spiritual-enlightening, educational-methodical, and educational spheres among faculties, chairs and other departments.   Compiling the monitoring of execution of documentation in educational sphere and observation of the execution of scientific court, inner orders of the university, orders, decisions of ministry court of high and secondary education, orders and decisions of ministry, orders and decisions of president and laws of the Uzbek republic. Investigates best experiences of institute in educational sphere globalize it and gives recommendations. Monitors work of little inner groups and stuff while executing and working out the measures and kinds of ranging of marking of the work of teachers and professors. Makes offers to the direction of the institute about solution of problems in results of monitoring.  Assists practically and methodologically the problems of construction of monitoring standards of education at the institute. Forms and manages informational base about development of the condition of education at the institute. Monitoring right and faire marking of the knowledge of students by rating system. If necessary can make additional tests on subjects even after summary tests are over with experts. Monitors the use of documents on education standards of education at the institute. For the aim of preparation of good professionals monitors course investigations, graduation works, master’s dissertations and defenses, execution of governmental attestations and all kinds of theoretical and practical exercises.    

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