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Division of work with academic lyceums and professional colleges

Date: 7-04-2014, 00:24       Views: 2841

Division of work with academic lyceums and professional colleges

Jumaniyozov Jasurbek Jumiyozovich 


Tel.: (97) 755-28-30


In the "National program for personnel training" as the basic principles of the organization and development of continuing education highlighted the continuity of training and education, the direction of this process on the formation of fully developed personality, revealing talented youth, creation of conditions for the serial get fundamental knowledge and expertise at the highest level education. Accordingly, based on order 07 / 06.01.02 Cabinet of Ministers on March 18, 2011 in the Uzbek State Universitete of Physical Culture was organized by the "Department of work with academic lyceums and professional colleges."

Jumaniyozov Jasurbek Jumiyozovich  – operates since 2015 as the head of "Department of work with academic lyceums and professional colleges" in 2015.

The main goal pursued by the system, first of all, submitted on improving the activity of universitetions of secondary special and vocational education, improving the quality of education - education, educational processes, literature and information systems, providing teaching staff and improving their professional skill, special and vocational education, higher education, postgraduate education in continuing education, as well as skills development and retraining. This Universitete has set itself certain objectives such as providing training discipline of teacher, specialty and qualification, creation of conditions for the use average special and vocational education training literature and educational - methodical departments of design, development in collaboration textbooks, teaching aids, teaching technologies, as well as attracting faculty universitetion-building to improve the quality of education in universitetions of secondary special and professional education.

In accordance with the Order 109 of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 14, 2011 "On development of cooperation with higher education universitetions to provide practical guidance to universitetions of secondary specialized vocational education" Uzbek State Universitete of Physical Culture secured the Republican College of Olympic Reserve and Tashkent Pedagogical College named after  Razhabi with that was drafted agreements on mutual assistance and cooperation with colleges

Olympic reserves, operating in the country as children's and youth sports school of Olympic reserve.

 Joint activities are carried out in these educational universitetions, aimed at ensuring the continuity of education in the following areas:

- Organizational - administrative work;

- Educational - methodical work;

- research work;

- Training and professional development

- Spiritually - educational and sports activities.

Organizational - administrative work- in the learning process involved 15 college professors - teachers of the universitete. This figure increased by 50 percent compared to the previous academic year. Colleges Branch of the Universitete departments organized preparer specialists, most of the professors - teachers of chairs of data based on the graph hold open lessons, seminars and trainings. Besides leading professors - teachers of the universitete regularly participate on Government finals of secondary special and professional education.

Educational - methodical work- for the current academic year signed agreements on cooperation with 14 colleges and 5 universities. They organize the teaching practice students of the 4th degree, studying towards a bachelor degree.

In addition, in accordance with the protocol of the Government Commission on the creation of textbooks under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a number of textbooks on special disciplines designed for professional colleges, which are put into the fund information - resource center colleges.

Scientific - research work- to professors - teachers of the universitete attached 4 college teachers to conduct scientific - research work. In the current academic year of cooperation professors - teachers of the Universitete prepared more than 50 scientific works, in particular, scientific articles, abstracts and reviews.

Training and raising qualification- developed a training plan for teachers college, he put into practice. Center of Information Technologies Universitete is working to provide practical assistance to teachers colleges in preparing presentation materials and electronic educational resources in various academic disciplines.

Spiritually - educational and sports activity- in the intervening period, a number of activities with colleges. They took an active part of the Universitete and professor Guide - teachers. However, the number of college students selected talented and involved in sports clubs and section subjects, organized on the basis of the Universitete.

In further work department planned full implementation of tasks in the preparation of bilateral cooperation agreements, the creation of conditions pedagogical staff of professional colleges for the acquisition of advanced educational technologies based on the use of modern information - communication media, distribution of accumulated best practices for implementation in the educational process of interactive methods of education.

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