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The chair of "History of Uzbekistan and theoretical and practical building of democratic society"

Date: 10-01-2014, 14:18       Views: 2139

Jakhongirov Burkhon Bu’ronovich he began to work as a head of department  “History of Uzbekistan and theoretical and practical building of democratic society” from the 2nd of September in 2012 . He is a candidate of historical sciences.





History of the department


The department of  History  was founded  under the name of social subjects in 1973. Now it is named “History of  Uzbekistan and theoretical and practical building of democratic society”. E.Mavloniy was the 1st chairman of the department. Previous years E. Ayubjanov, K. Nurmuxammedov, M. Aminov, E. Shaternikov, A, Ziyamuhammedov, T. Maxmudov, G. Asatova, R. Xudoyberdiev and J. Ganiev were worked as a head of  chair from 1974 untill 2016.  At the moment,  B.B Jakhongirov  is the head of  chair.


There are a lot of teachers teach the following subjects in the spheres of bachelor and masters degree:

  • History of Uzbekistan;
  • The Law;
  • Learning the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • The  Law of Sport  principles in Uzbekistan;
  • The Politics;
  • Theory and practise of  building  democratic society in Uzbekistan;
  • The  Law of adminstrative and economic principles
  • The principles of International Law.

The staff of professor-teachers

  1. Jakhongirov Burkhon Buronovich - candidate of  historical sciences, head of  depertment, was born in 1971.
  2. Ganiev Jakhongir Hakimjanovich - candidate of  historical sciences, was born in 1977.
  3. Burieva Hayriya Amanullaevna - assistant professor, was born in 1973.
  4. Murodova Durdona Habibullaevna - candidate  of  historical sciences, was born in 1978.
  5. Artikbayev Oybek Salimahamatovich - senior teacher, was born in 1978.
  6. Narimanov Bekzod Abduvalievich - senior teacher, was born in 1984.
  7. Xayotov Anvar Husanovich - senior teacher, was born in 1983.
  8. Jumakulov Shuhrat Bokhodirovich - teacher, was born in 1983.
  9. Turdimuratov Yangiboy Allamuratovich - teacher, was born in 1980.
  10. Malikov Behzod Kuralovich - teacher, was born in 1983.
  11. Abduhalimov Doniyor Fahridinovich - teacher, was born in 1989.

Nowadays the members department are active  the spheres of Universitete.

They are engaging with scientific work on the theme:

“The historical, political and law principles in bringing up perfect generation” with  the basis of thier pedagogical experiences.

The  scientific ability of the deparment consist of 41 percent at the same time.

The department “History of Uzbekistan theoratical and practical building of  democratic society” is one of the most important part of the universitete.

It  improves  and developes students knowledge by the some actions of historical, political, legal, spiritual themes.

Most of teachers are working with their scientific works on the theme:

 “Bringing up youth with historical, political and legal knowledges”.

They are:

1)        Assistant professors of the chair G.R. Asatova works on the theme:

 “Empty spaces of sociaculture in the cities of  Uzbekistan in XIX – XXI century”;

2)        H.A. Burieva works on the theme “Tophonomy of Tashkent city and its historical features”; (in 1917-2007 y.y);

3)        J.H.Ganiyev – “ Creating social protection system of the invalids in Uzbekistan”

4)        D.H Murodova works on the theme “The historical culture of ancient Kharazm and Baktria during antique and early Middle Ages”

5)        B.B Jakhongirov “Scientific and technical relationship Uzbekistan with foreign countries” (1991 – 2015)

6)        O.S Artikbayev “Traditional and modern relations between Kazak and Uzbek nations” (on the bases of matirials XX century Tashkent)

7)        B.A Narimonov “The legal problems of surrounding condition”

8)        SH.B Jumaqulov “The legal importance of national education of the youth”   


The cooperation relations of the deprtment History of Uzbekistan theoretical and practical building of democratic society”


There were set relationship between the National University of Uzbekistan,

the Uzbek Republic Science Academy of  History universitete, Tashkent Islam  University and Tashkent State National  dancing and choreograph High School.

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